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The Limited Edition King Saladeen JP-427G

The King Saladeen JP-427G watch features a Limited Edition, King Saladeen-designed custom, hand-poured, frosted acrylic JP Money Bear figurine, a dial artwork inspiration card, and an additional carbon fiber bezel to make the watch fully customizable, all packaged in a edge-lit acrylic box for a full story experience.

Born and raised in West Philly, King Saladeen is a world-renowned, entirely self-taught artist known for his mastery of vibrant colors and abstract street-inspired art. His work spans from murals and acrylic on canvas to vinyl toys, apparel, and custom-painted luxury cars. He began to attract the attention of the art world in 2013 and by 2014 he had his first solo shows in LA and Miami. Since then he has worked beside some of today’s most iconic contemporary artists including Ron English, Futura, Mad Steez, and Seventh Letter. His work has been exhibited at the NYSE, the Philadelphia International Airport, Neiman Marcus, São Paulo Museum of Art, and the Shenzhen Toyz Festival. Outside of his artistic practice, Saladeen is an active philanthropist dedicating his time and resources to Philly Fights Cancer, Jefferson Hospital, and more.

Saladeen openly credits his success as an artist to his late friend, JP, who pushed him to pursue his passion and insisted that with teamwork and a little bit of faith, anything is possible. This Limited Edition Capsule is proof of that. Inspired by one of his favorite contemporary abstract paintings, this watch is an explosive expression of Saladeen’s relationship with time. While time is complicated, it also stands as a reminder of our past, present, and future and what we’re capable of when we work together and believe in one another.

A short documentary was filmed specifically for this drop to take fans into King Saladeen’s life, the story behind his art, and how he went from painting in his mom’s basement to showcasing his work across the globe.

The watch itself features a custom dial designed by King Saladeen with JP MoneyBear emblem at the twelve o’clock position, super-luminous hands and indexes, an interchangeable black bezel with gold-colored hex rivets, and a gold-colored custom screw-down crown. It also features a black silicone strap, open exhibition automatic caseback with JP MoneyBear printed crystal, and gold-colored screws to complete the look. Each watch of this limited edition collection is individually numbered; numbers 1-25 are APs and feature hand painted dials.

The JP-427G watch drops May 21st in very limited quantities on and retails for $999.

Watch Specs

Case Size: 41.5 mm x 48 mm

Case Thickness: 6 mm

Lug Width: 20 mm

Movement: Automatic

Water Resistance: 100 Meters

Quantity: 500 pieces and 25 AP editions

Text “TIME” to 215-273-3101 for more information on the drop

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