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King Saladeen Paints The Corners, Meshing Art and Baseball

King Saladeen is an artist who prides himself on creating work that can be portrayed in many different ways. From clothing to exotic cars, murals and now trading cards, King Saladeen’s art is dynamic and unique. Over the last year, Topps has had Saladeen design some of its most notable cards in the Project 2020 and Project 70 sets for popular current and former players like Fernando Tatis Jr., Bryce Harper, Roberto Clemente, Ken Griffey Jr. among others.

Ahead of his online store launch with eBay, King Saladeen joined Den of Geek and special guest host, baseball podcaster, and card expert Aram Leighton for a video interview to discuss everything from the beginnings of his art career to the creation of his coveted baseball cards.

Article by: Aram Leighton (Den Of Geek)

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