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King Saladeen Links With Diadora For Philly Exclusive Sneaker Collection - The Source

King Saladeen has teamed with Diadora for a new special footwear collection that is highlighted by the Diadora Maverick and Diadora N9002.

The shoes are special for Philly natives but will also appeal to art enthusiasts, sports lovers, and sneaker collectors. The new line will be available specifically at Foot Locker Community Power Store in Cedarbrook, located at 3001 W Cheltenham Ave Suite 2000, Wyncote, PA 19095.

“This shoe is highly inspired by my best friend John JP Thompson’s love for the sport of tennis,” king Saladeen said of the Diadora Maverick JP Tennis Shoe. “While growing up most of our major influences were basketball and football players, or musicians, however JP would always talk about participating in Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Camp and make me watch the US Open. The Diadora Maverick is the original tennis shoe so I wanted incorporate the tennis ball theme to make the shoe stand out on the court and off while keeping it true to the original aesthetic.”

On the Diadora N9002 “Museum Runner” he added, “The inspiration for the Museum Runner comes from being an athlete and an artist in Philadelphia, where so many people run the Philadelphia Museum steps. With the N9002 being one of the most iconic Diadora runners, the Double Action technology, cushioning, and ultra-modern look mixed with my iconic Money Bear and touches of my art, makes perfect for any athlete and art lover. It’s like a conversation piece for your feet.”

Story by Shawn Grant

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